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My fiancé Arujan and I got engaged December 2020 in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada. Niagara-on-the-Lake is somewhere we have been visiting together since we started dating in 2017, and was the place that kick-started our love of travelling together.

This has taken us to many countries, many more to hopefully come, and to travelling Yukon Territory, where we had our engagement photos done.

Travel is where Arujan and I best grow together and experience life together. When deciding where to have a photoshoot to celebrate our engagement, we decided that, because travel truly embodies us as a couple, there would be no better way to do our engagement photoshoot, than to have them done on our next trip to Yukon Territory, one of Canada’s three territories.

Bennett Lake, Carcross Yukon, engagement photos

Choosing an engagement photographer:

When choosing a photographer to do our shoot, we had to think outside the box. There are not many wedding/engagement photographers advertised in Whitehorse, (the capital city of Yukon) on Google. We spent our time looking through Yukon Instagram accounts and found Danielle Marie Lister, account @danimarielister.

Danielle is a digital creator from the Yukon and spends time capturing gorgeous photos of the expansive scenery in Yukon. She had done some wedding photos and couple photoshoots so we knew we would be in good hands. She answered our Instagram message right away and was easy to talk to. We had a videochat where she made sure to inquire about all of our wants/needs for our photoshoot. I highly recommend Danielle to anyone wanting a photoshoot done in Yukon Territory.

Where to do our engagement photoshoot:

When deciding where to do the shoot, Danielle asked us to send her inspiration photos of places in and around the Whitehorse area that we liked. We landed on Carcross and the surrounding area.

Our first stop for our photoshoot was Bennett Lake, Carcross.

Bennett Lake, Carcross Yukon engagement photo

Bennett Lake, Carcross Yukon engagement photo

Bennett Lake is surrounded by mountains and is just stunning. We loved taking photos here. Danielle met us outside of Bennett Lake and instantly made us feel comfortable. She is so friendly and warm, we loved taking photos with her and truly had a good time, despite the windiness and colder temperatures (not winter level cold, but cold for my flimsy shirt OK?). Taking photos in this manner can be super awkward, I know. Just try to push through and you will notice you get more comfortable over time.

After Bennett Lake, Danielle had us follow her in our car to our next location. We did a quick stop at the Bove Island Viewpoint, 11km down the Klondike Highway.

Bove Island Viewpoint, Yukon engagement photo

After our quick stop at Bove Island Viewpoint, we followed Danielle to our third location. We continued down the Klondike Highway and crossed the border into British Columbia. This was our favourite place in our entire photoshoot. We spent time on the quiet highway with the mountain backdrop, it was absolutely breathtaking. It became more than a photoshoot for us, we fell in love with the entire experience.

Klondike highway, British Columbia engagement photo

Klondike highway, British Columbia engagement photo

Klondike highway, British Columbia engagement photo

Our photoshoot lasted around 2-3 hours in length, including our quick travel between locations. The experience and sights we saw were enough to keep our tourist selves happy, as well as taking gorgeous photos that we will have for life. We cannot thank Danielle enough for this experience. I plan to frame most of these photos and put them all over our new home.

Sign for Yukon Territory: Larger Than Life

On our way back to Whitehorse, we passed this sign coming back into Yukon Territory from British Columbia. Yukon, Larger Than Life, true and beautiful words.

Klondike Highway, engagement shoot

Thank you Danielle Marie Lister!