Last updated on February 25th, 2023 at 12:59 pm

This blog will detail the items that I always bring on my day hikes. I hope this helps you remember some items you may have forgotten!

Day Pack Options

Back pack, fanny pack, whatever you are comfortable with!

The 10 Items

  1. BEAR SPRAY IS A MUST. DO NOT FORGET THIS, I WANT YOU ALL ALIVE, THANK YOU (location dependent, needed in majority of Canadian hiking destinations)
  2. SPF: wear this before you go out, I would reapply as well so I bring it with me or I am a tomato, exhibit A (on the left).
  3. Water: 1-2 bottles
  4. Electronics: phone & camera
  5. Snacks/food: pack lots of snacks and/or a lunch, i.e.:
    • Sandwich(es)
    • Cheese, crackers
    • Gummy snacks
    • Chips
    • Fruits & veggies
    • Trail mix/ nuts
    • The list is endless, whatever you like!!
  6. Extra clothing/if you’re not wearing these items:
    • Outerwear; hat, gloves, neck warmer
    • Socks: TRUST ME, you don’t want to fall in a river like me and walk 9km in wet socks.
    • An extra sweater/layer if you get cold
  7. Chapstick
  8. Toilet paper/ baby wipes: you never know, I speak from experience… a story for another time
  9. Hand sanitizer: for the above mentioned toilet emergencies OR COVID related
  10. First aid kit (basic): bandages, polysporin, ibuprofen

If you will be doing overnight hikes with camping involved, I am no expert on this type of packing. I know you will need a tent, but otherwise, please consult appropriate personnel.

Happy hiking!