Porto 3 Day Itinerary: The Best 3-5 Days in Porto

Porto is by far my FAVOURITE European city. I mean, I loved it so much, we had a destination wedding close by, in the Douro Valley.

This detailed itinerary will pack 3 days in Porto. However, I have added additional information for an extra 2 days, so you can make a 3, 4 or 5 days in Porto itinerary.

Are you ready to let me convince you to fall in love with this Portugal gem?

Keep reading to unlock the BEST Porto 3 Day Itinerary.

Some of the links in this 3 Day Itinerary in Porto are affiliate. If clicked, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Vila Nova de Gaia Riverside
Vila Nova de Gaia Riverside

Table of Contents

Map of Porto Itinerary 3 Days, 4 Days or 5 Days

Standing in Jardins do Palacio de Cristal overlooking Porto and the Douro River
Jardins do Palacio de Cristal overlooking Porto and the Douro River

Where to stay in Porto

Where you will sleep is an important part of Porto itinerary planning. I list a number of hotels of each budget type below.

High End / Luxury Porto Hotels

Torel Palace Porto

  • In HEART of Porto, 5 minute walk from São Bento Railway Station
  • Swimming Pool
  • Breakfast included

Click here for prices & booking Torel Palace Porto.

Maison Albar Hotels Le Monumental Palace

  • In HEART of Porto, 7 minute walk to Clérigos Tower
  • 2 restaurants
  • Swimming Pool
  • Spa

Click here for booking & pricing information!

PortoBay Flores

  • In HEART of Porto
  • Restaurant 
  • Spa
  • Swimming Pool

Click here for prices & booking PortoBay Flores!

Mid-Range Porto Hotels

Eurostars Aliados

  • Centre of Porto; 7 minute walk to Clérigos Tower
  • Right next to Aliados metro
  • Spa onsite

Check out prices & booking here for Eurostars Aliados.

Chic & Basic Gravity

  • Centre of Porto: 8 minute walk from São Bento Station

Check our prices & booking Chic & Basic Gravity here.

Porto Royal Bridges Hotel

  • Centre of Porto
  • 2 minute walk to São Bento Metro Station

Check our Porto Royal Bridges Hotel booking info here.

B The Guest Downtown

  • Centre of Porto
  • Breakfast included – can be served in your room

Check out B The Guest Downtown prices & booking here.

Hotel Carris Porto Ribeira

  • In the Ribeira district (my favourite district)
  • Overlooks the Douro River
  • 5 minute walk from São Bento Railway Station

Visit Hotel Carris Porto Ribeira, look at booking info here!

Budget Hotels Porto / Hostels in Porto

Lusitana Hotel

  • Centre of Porto
  • Terrace
  • Private bathrooms

Check out Lusitana booking & prices here.

The Poets Inn

  • Centre of Porto; steps away from Clérigos Tower
  • Breakfast included
  • Shared bathrooms & Private bathroom room choices

For The Poets Inn booking information & prices, click here.

SUPERNOVA – Hostel & Cafe

  • In Porto’s historic district; 1 minute walk from Trindade Metro
  • Shared or Private bathrooms

For SUPERNOVA booking information click here.

Being Porto Hostel

  • Centre of Porto; couple minute walk to major tourist sites
  • Private accommodations 
  • Shared lounge/kitchen

Visit Being Porto Hostel, booking & prices here.

Change The World Hostels – Porto – Santa Catarina

  • Centre of Porto; 8 minute walk to São Bento
  • Private rooms & private bathrooms

Visit Change The World Hostels booking info here.

For a different accommodation option, stay at a yoga retreat in Portugal!

Porto Airbnb & Vacation Rentals

Airbnb or VRBO is a great choice for accommodation in European cities. I love feeling like I am at home and living like a local.

This is usually my preference, do what makes you feel comfortable and happiest! There is always room for the pampering & ease that hotels provide.

Arujan and I have stayed in vacation rentals every time we visit Porto and we have had amazing experiences. Make sure to read the reviews and be on your way!

Check out Porto vacation rentals here.

Porto 3 Day Itinerary: The Best 3 – 5 Days in Porto

What to do in Porto, Portugal in 3, 4 or 5 days.

Day 0: Arrive in Porto

Arrive in Porto, travel to your hotel or vacation rental and get yourself situated. Head to a lovely dinner and bar close to your accommodation. 

Continue reading this itinerary for inspiration on where to eat & drink in Porto!

There is no shortage of delicious eats / drinks in Porto, take a step outside and I am sure you will find a number of options.

Enjoy your evening.

Day 1: Full Day in Porto; Porto’s City Centre / Baixa Neighbourhood


1. Breakfast

Get an early start to your day! If you are a breakfast person, enjoy a fresh breakfast at your hotel or head to a close by cafe. 

Some breakfast recommendations that will be close to where you will be spending your morning are:

Café Guarany, Café Aliança & NOLA Kitchen

Coffee Pingo in Cafe Guarany in Porto
Cafe Guarany, Porto

2. Avenida dos Aliados

Walk along this gorgeous avenue and admire the beautiful architecture.

This avenue is known for its large buildings, Porto’s City Hall, fancy hotels, cafes (although, beware, these will be overpriced and touristy), shops & banks.

Step into what is acclaimed to be the world’s most beautiful McDonald’s at Liberdade Square (Praça da Liberdade). 

Porto McDonald's
Fancy Porto McDonald’s

Stroll through this avenue at your own pace. Admire the monuments and take in Porto at it’s city centre! 

Aliados Avenue, Portugal
Aliados Avenue

3. São Bento Railway Station

Walk a few steps south of the Monument of D. Pedro IV (a former King), and you will reach the iconic São Bento Railway Station.

You may be asking, why is she sending me to visit a train station as a tourist stop, but trust me, walk inside and you will see for yourself.


Hubby & I in Sao Bento Railway Station, Porto
Sao Bento Railway Station

4. Majestic Cafe

Ok, this is a tourist HOT SPOT.

It is famous, firstly, due to the fact that J.K. Rowling spent a lot of time here while writing Harry Potter. (If you are a Harry Potter fan, go and see it. You’ll unlock that nostalgic feeling).

Majestic Cafe, Porto
Majestic Cafe, Porto

If you are not a Harry Potter fan, this café is still worth the visit. It is beautiful and something to be admired.

I don’t recommend purchasing anything here, as it will be over priced and there are better tasting things just around the corner!


5. Lunch at Lado B Café or Café Santiago

These were my top two researched cafes that served franceschinas.

Franceschinas are Porto’s local dish; a sandwich with ham, sausage, cheese. Topped with more cheese & sauce, and occasionally a fried egg.

The dish itself is HUGE, you could easily share one or have it all to yourself!

We tried this at Lado B Café, it was cheap & delicious.

The photo below is me enjoying it at Taberninha do Manel in Vila Nova de Gaia, across the river.

Francesinha in Porto
Francesinha at Taberinha do Manel in Vila Nova de Gaia

6. Dessert at Manteigaria

You are probably full, I get it. But make some room, you are in Portugal and you are going to enjoy and try all the FOOD!!!

Pastel de Nata (Portuguese tarts) are truly special.

If you have been in Portugal for a few days now, you have most likely consumed at least 1 per day at this point.

If you are only visiting Porto for a day, make sure this place is on the TOP of your list.

Alternatively, if this is one of your first days, please visit Manteigaria. We went three days in a row and I would LOVE to go back right now and eat these.

Pasteis de Nata in Porto at Manteigaria
Pasteis de Nata in Porto at Manteigaria

HOT TIP: We went on a food tour and learned how to spot the best pastel de nata!

You are looking for a THIN crust and a light coloured FLAT cream top (avoid the burnt or cream caving in).

7. Livraria Lello

One of Porto’s top tourist destinations is Livraria Lello Bookshop, known as, “the most beautiful bookstore in the world”.

I can agree, it is up there in beautiful bookstores. Actually, it’s probably the most beautiful one I have personally seen, so I guess the title holds up.

Again, if you are a Harry Potter fan, this place is for you. J.K. Rowling was inspired to create the moving staircases of Hogwarts from seeing this book store. 

Please note: Livraria Lello is overcrowded and a tourist hot spot.

If you are satisfied with the images you see online, you probably don’t have to visit. However, I did visit, I thought it was nice, but seeing it once was enough for me!

Livraria Lello, Porto
Livraria Lello, check out that line!

Hours: 9:00 AM – 7:30 PM daily

Tickets: 8 Euros per person

Recommendation: Purchase online & schedule your visit ahead of time to avoid waiting around. Booking is for every half hour.

8. Torre dos Clérigos (Clérigos Tower & Church)

I am sure you have seen this tower at some point during your day in Porto. It is hard to miss, it is quite tall and sticks out like a sore thumb.

Clérigos Tower is seen as one of Porto’s important symbols. It was built in the mid 1700’s and has stood the test of time!

So, are you ready to do some exercise? You are now going to be walking up the 240 steps to get the best photos of Porto.

Clerigos Tower
Clerigos Tower

Hours: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


  • 8 Euros to climb the tower (church entrance is free) 
  • Children less than 10 years = FREE
  • Guided Tour: 9.5 Euros (I personally don’t think this is needed).

You can purchase skip the line tickets here.

Porto Card: 

9. Igreja do Carmo

While it’s still daylight, walk a couple blocks north from Clérigos Tower to see the gorgeous blue tiles of Igreja do Carmo.

This is one of the places that everyone’s Porto Instagram photos are coming from, I guarantee.

Igreja do Carmo, Porto
Igreja do Carmo

Take a selfie in front of the blue tiles!

Selfie in front of Igreja do Carmo
Gorgeous blue tiles

Ok, I bet you’re hungry now. Let’s go eat!


10. Dinner

Literally being in the centre of Porto has it’s perks. Just steps away from Clérigos Tower are many great restaurants.

Check out; Base, Taberna Folias de Baco, Chama or Adega Vila Mea

Base, Porto
Base, Porto

If you want to walk a little more, check out Lareira or Mito.

11. Drinks at The Gin House

Porto is famous for its Port, if you haven’t had any yet, go and get some ASAP.

Don’t worry, the majority of this itinerary will be around Port wine (wine tastings & vineyard trips to come).

If you like gin, check out The Gin House, right across from Livraria Lello. This bar has so much gin to choose from and makes impressive cocktails! 

Enjoy your evening! Good night.

Day 2: Full Day in Porto; Baixa & Ribeira Quarter 


1. Breakfast

Eat a hearty breakfast in the morning; offered to you by your hotel OR head to a nearby café for breakfast. 

You are heading back to Avenida dos Aliados (Aliados Avenue) after breakfast. Check out the cafes around here..

OR go and get another Pastel de Nata. This time visit the famous Fábrica da Nata (this is a chain found all over Lisbon, but also has two shops in Porto).

Visit the one right next to São Bento Train Station.

Fabrica da Nata
Fabrica da Nata

2. Porto Walkers: The Classical Porto Walking Tour @ 10h45

Head to your meeting point on Aliados Avenue, in front of Burberry or Caixa Geral de Depositos 106.

You will see people holding red umbrellas. Arrive 10 minutes before your reservation (10h35).

This walking tour will last 3 hours and you will visit; São Bento Railway Station, Santa Catarina, Batalha, Bridge Luís I, Cathedral (Sé), Barredo neighbourhood and end in the Ribeira Quarter (my favourite place).

Porto Walkers is FREE, but does require reservations ahead of time.

Head here to make your reservation.

Porto Walkers offers two free walking tours. The Classical Porto Walking Tour begins at 10h45 every day. For this itinerary, I will be using this tour as an example. (Their Lifestyle tour runs at 15h30 daily and covers different areas of Porto).

Although walking tours are free, please tip the guides!

They are so knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions you may have. The guides truly make the experience one to remember. 


3. Porto Cathedral (Sé Cathedral)

The walking tour will take you by Sé Cathedral.

I recommend breaking off from the walking tour and spending some time exploring Sé Cathedral. If not, make sure to come back here after!

The Cathedral is gorgeous, and the Cloister is equipped with more of Portugal’s blue tile art.

Although the cathedral has free entry, I recommend spending the extra money to visit the Cloister


  • April – October: 9:00 AM – 6:30 PM daily
  • November – March: 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM daily
  • Closed on Christmas & Easter


4. Terreiro da Sé

Right next to the Sé Cathedral is a gorgeous square and lookout point of the city.

You will most likely pass this lookout point on your walking tour, however, if you break off from them to explore Sé Cathedral, come back and enjoy some time here.

Terreiro da Sé
Views from Terreiro da Sé

5. Funicular Dos Guindais

You are now going to head down to Ribeira Quarter to get some food (don’t worry, I didn’t forget about eating). 

Either walk down through the streets – which I opt for, or, you can take the Funicular Dos Guindais (located steps away from Sé Cathedral).

This small cable car takes you down to the riverside for a small price.

Enjoy the views as you make your way down, you will see Dom Luís I Bridge and the Douro River.

I never did this when visiting Porto, I actually did the cable car on the other side (Vila Nova de Gaia).

However, if you want to get down to the river quicker, go ahead and try it!

Click this link that includes the Funicular, Two Hop On and Hop Off tickets & 24 hour Porto Tram.


  • Summer months: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM (weekdays), 8:00 AM – midnight (Friday + Saturday)
  • Winter months: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM (weekdays), 8:00 AM – midnight (Friday + Saturday)


  • 3.50 Euros (one way)

6. Late Lunch / Early Dinner 

Spend some time exploring Ribeira Quarter, the gorgeous Porto Riverside. This is easily my favourite part of Porto and the reason I fell in love with this city.

There is no shortage of restaurants and bars to eat at.

A few to check out include; Jimão Tapas e Vinhos, Wine Quay Bar, Adega Sao Nicolau & Bacalhau.

Dinner at Adega Sao Nicolau
Dinner at Adega Sao Nicolau

Get the octopus rice at Adega Sao Nicolau, it is to die for!!

7. Drinks at Wine Quay Bar

Wine Quay Bar is a great bar on the Douro River. It has a huge wine collection and amazing views.

I have been twice, the day time can be hot with no umbrellas for shade, I preferred to visit in the evening time for a tasty nightcap.

Wine Quay Bar Views
Views from Wine Quay Bar

8. Cais da Ribeira & Ribeira Square

This Porto 3 days itinerary would be incomplete without Ribeira Square.

Ribeira Square/Quarter is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a fun place to visit and hangout around.

Stop by a bar and grab a drink or an ice cream cone after dinner.

Enjoy some port wine while looking out into the river! Or simply have more delicious food! 

Ribeira Quarter is a great place to spot animals in Porto. Check out this Porto cat guide!

Cais da Ribeira
Taken by Maksym from AIrbnb Photowalk

9. Dom Luís I Bridge (A.K.A Luís I Bridge)

This bridge is a staple tourist destination in Porto. The views of the city are impeccable from this bridge.

Dom Luís I Bridge bridge connects Porto with Vila Nova de Gaia over top of the Douro River. 

On top of Dom Luis Bridge
Dom Luis Bridge

Spend some time here admiring Porto’s beauty! 

Dom Luis Bridge, Porto
Taken by Maksym

Enjoy your evening by the Douro River. You deserve to relax after a busy day of walking!

Day 3: Full Day in Porto; Boavista, Cedofeita, Vila Nova De Gaia


1. Breakfast

Wherever your heart desires! I am sure you know by now Porto has no shortage of amazing food.

2. Casa da Musica 

Casa Da Música has a different look than the rest of Porto. In European cities you expect older style buildings, cobblestone roads, etc.

The building is modern, clean and new (opened in 2005).

This music hall is one of the top tourist destinations in Porto, however, it is farther away from the city centre. It is in the Boavista neighbourhood. 

We admired the building from outside but did not pay to take a tour inside.

Casa da Música hosts tours in Portuguese and English daily. They also host regular concerts. Check that out if you are interested!

This is a great place to spend some time if it is raining in Porto.

Casa da Música
Taken by Maksym

Tours: *1 Hour in length*

  • 11:00 AM in Portuguese
  • 4:00 PM in Portuguese & English

Tickets: 12 Euros

3. Jardins do Palácio de Cristal

Head south from Casa da Música and towards the city centre to visit the lovely botanical gardens of Jardins do Palácio de Cristal. 

We took some couple photos at this park and we were truly in love with our entire experience here.

It is a great backdrop for gorgeous Porto photos!

Hours: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Jardins do Palacio de Cristal, Porto
Jardins do Palacio de Cristal

Tickets: none – FREE entry 


4. Early Lunch 

Walk down to the Douro River from the gardens to have an early lunch at Papavinhos.

A few other choices in the area are; Taberna Santo Antonio, Intrigo, Puro 4050, Cantinho do Avillez & Pregar.

We have been to Papavinhos, Intrigo, Puro 4050 and Cantinho do Avillez, all of them are fantastic.

Puro 4050
Puro 4050 Mozzarella Bar

5. Miradouro da Vitória

This viewpoint is close to many of the above-mentioned restaurants. Spend some time admiring the city and Douro River below.

Miradouro da Vitória
Miradouro da Vitória

6. Monument Church of St. Francis (Igreja de São Francisco)

This is another Porto World Heritage Site by UNESCO. I remember explaining this to people as a “church filled with gold”.

Pretty much that is what it is… haha. It is gorgeous, don’t get me wrong.

If you aren’t tired of visiting churches/monuments, make a stop at this Gothic church.

We are going to Bolsa Palace next, so if you would prefer to choose one over the other (I would choose the Palace).


  • March – October: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • November – February: 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Tickets: 7.50 Euros 

Porto Card: 25% discount with Porto Card, purchase here

7. Bolsa Palace (Palacio da Bolsa)

I highly recommend a tour of the Bolsa Palace while on your 3 days Porto vacation. The Palace has been around since the 19th century and is steeped in history! 

The tours are 30 minutes in length and offered in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Bolsa Palace
Bolsa Palace

Hours: 9:00 AM – 6:30 PM 

Tours Length: 30 minutes


  • Purchase tickets at the front entrance!
  • 12 Euros per person
  • 7.50 Euros per student/senior
  • Children less than 12 years = FREE

8. Pilar Monastery (Miradouro da Serra do Pilar) Lookout Point

After admiring the beautiful Palace, head on over to Dom Luis I Bridge. You will be crossing the Douro River over into Vila Nova de Gaia to visit Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar.

The monastery itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Majority of people visit for the gorgeous view looking over Porto.

Many people gather outside of it and around the area on the grass to watch the gorgeous Porto sunsets.

Spend as little or as much time as you’d like.

9. Take the Vila Nova de Gaia Cable Car (Teleferico de Gaia)

After visiting the Pilar Monastery and viewpoint, take the Teleferico de Gaia down to the riverside.

Hours: 10 AM – 8 PM (high season), 10 AM – 6 PM daily (low season). Closed on Christmas day.

One way tickets cost 7 Euros per adult, 3,50 Euros per child.

Round trip costs 10 Euros per adult, 5 Euros per child.

Vila Nova de Gaia cable car
Vila Nova de Gaia Cable Car

10. Winery Tours & Port Wine Tastings in Vila Nova de Gaia 

Port wine, the GEM of Porto. You cannot visit without trying this delicious drink.

Walk along the Douro River in Vila Nova de Gaia and I assure you that you will stumble into at least one winery. We stumbled into many… 

Tawny Port Aged 10 years in Vila Nova de Gaia

A few that offer tours: 

Wine tasting in Vila Nova de Gaia
This is considered a “tasting”…

11. Dinner

Stay in Vila Nova de Gaia for dinner.

My favourite places are Taberninha do Manel (photographed above with the franceshinha) and Têmpero D’Maria.

Tempero D'Maria dinner
Delicious dinner at Tempero D’Maria

Good night!

The 3 Days in Porto Itinerary not enough? Make it 4 Days in Porto or 5 Days in Porto Instead!

Day 4: Douro Valley Vineyard Tour with Cruise

If there is anything you do in Porto & the Porto region, it is a Douro Valley full day tour.

The Douro Valley is the most special place in the world to me, I mean we did get married there! AND that decision came AFTER this amazing tour.

I HIGHLY recommend this tour. We have done this wine activity now two times, the first time was as a couple with a small group of other new people.

The second time, we organized the tour for our friends and family who came to Porto for our wedding. Both times were SPECTACULAR.

Douro Valley Full Day Tour
Douro Valley Wine Tour with my besties

This was the greatest day of our Portugal trip and the perfect day trip from Porto.

I would do it over & over again. It is well worth adding that extra day, 4 days in Porto is a great length of time.

It is a full day of wine, food, olive oil, honey, a boat cruise & meeting amazing people.

Click here to book your Douro Valley Tour!

OR, if wine is not your thing, do a Porto Douro River Boat Cruise!

Click here to book a Douro River Boat Cruise!

Day 5: Porto Day; Food Tour, Vila Nova de Gaia

Porto Food Tour

Start your day with a delicious Porto Food Tour.

We love to do food tours on your travels, it teaches us about the cultural delicacies, tipping policies in Porto (please tip!!), how to spot properly made pastel de nata and so much more.

We did a half day tour with our friends with Food Lover Tour.

We ate and drank ALL morning.

We started off at a cafe, visited local grocer’s, visited Bolhão Market, tried pastel de nata, bifana sandwiches, wine and cheese & so much more.

Book your Porto Food tour tickets here! We did the Authentic Food & Wine Tour.

Vila Nova de Gaia

Spend some more time in Vila Nova de Gaia. I only gave you an evening earlier in this itinerary and this town on the other side of the river deserves more attention.

Gaia is were the wine from the Douro Valley is stored and the wineries and wine caves are phenomenal.

Visit the wineries door to door, just walk in and ask for a tasting! Everyone is ready to serve you some delicious port.

Head over to the World of Wine (WOW), Chocolate Story Museum for a chocolate AND wine tasting in one!

WOW, Chocolate story Museum
Chocolate Story Museum

Walk along the river and visit the Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhao (cod cake). This is definitely a tourist trap, but I think it is SO charming.

The pastel de bacalhao has cheese inside and is DELICIOUS.

Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de bacalhao, Porto
Pastel de Bacalhao at Casa Portuguesa

You can find pastel de bacalhao all throughout Portugal for better & cheaper but if you have time go ahead and pick one of these up.

Vila Nova de Gaia Sunset

Spend your time walking along the river on the Gaia side, in my opinion this side has the more spectacular views.

There are street vendors, artisans and delicious eats all along the river.

Vila Nova de Gaia sunset
Vila Nova de Gaia Sunset

End your time in Porto with a gorgeous sunset in Vila Nova de Gaia.

Good night!

Make your Portugal trip longer with this 2 weeks in Portugal Itinerary!

Pin the 3 Day Porto Itinerary for later!

Need help with personal travel planning?

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Final Thoughts on Your 3-5 Days in Porto Itinerary

Porto is and will always be my favourite European city. It holds such a special place in my heart and I hope you get to experience it one day.

The Douro River that goes through the city creates such a charming atmosphere you will never want to leave. The historical buildings, amazing tours, delicious food and all of the port wine will keep you busy & fed.

Porto will have you coming back, again and again.

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