Helpful List of Gifts for Cubans: 29+ Things to Choose

Looking for a list of resources and gifts for Cubans? I got you covered!

You planned a gorgeous vacation and chose Cuba. Let’s be honest, you probably chose it because it looked stunning and was the cheapest. This is a large reason why I love Cuba too, so I get it.

That being said, in order to continue to create an enjoyable vacation spot for you and I, there can be a shortage of supplies for Cuban people.

This can present a moral dilemma for a lot of people, as to whether or not they choose to visit Cuba.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you, however, I strongly suggest finding a way to help out, if you do choose to visit.

Some ways to help include; taking local tours, eating at off-resort restaurants and bringing gifts for Cubans.

This blog post will highlight which supplies & gifts Cubans really need.

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Helpful List of Gifts for Cubans
Helpful List of Gifts for Cuban People

What objects are hard to get in Cuba?

Most Cuban people you interact with have trouble accessing daily necessities. Their income and spending system is different than pre-pandemic.

Their bank card only accepts foreign currency. 

With that, purchasing everyday supplies has become a challenge.

When I visited Cuba as a child, my mother would bring toiletries and clothes to the staff at the hotel and I took this into my practice as I continued to visit Cuba from Canada.

Continue reading for what to bring to Cuba as gifts!

What to bring as gifts for Cubans?

Keep some space in your checked luggage for these items. If you are travelling with an all inclusive trip, you most likely have checked luggage included.

Make sure all of your liquids are put into your checked bag so as not to get any liquids confiscated.


Try to purchase some of the resources or items you want to gift to Cubans, in CUBA. This can help support their economy and the people.

1. Medication/First Aid Supplies

  • Everyday over the counter medications ie. pain meds (Tylenol, Advil) & allergy meds
  • Emergen-C Vitamin C packets (I love these when I feel a cold coming on)
  • Polysporin, antibacterial creams, bandaids, gauze, medical tape
  • Travel sized first aid kit
  • Prescription medications; (this is not something I advise getting involved in, unless you are a part of a health organization running a program).

2. Toiletries

3. Cosmetics

4. Baby Supplies

5. Clothing

  • T-shirts, shorts
  • Shoes & sandals
  • Reading glasses, not something you would normally think about, but is very hard to access! Get this 5 pack unisex glasses to give to a few people.
  • Anything you can think of!

6. Food

7. School or Writing Supplies

Tips on How to Give Gifts to Cuban Resort Workers & Locals

When gifting Cuban people it is important to be mindful and natural with gifting. Ensure not to embarrass people by drawing attention to the gift.

Most people choose to gift to those people they have developed a relationship with over their time in Cuba, whether that be the resort server that you met at breakfast or the gardener you stop to chat with on your way back from the pool.

Keep the exchange natural, private and respectful.

Other ways to help Cuban Resort Workers

Another way to help out, is to leave your left over products.  For example, if you do not finish soap or shampoo while travelling there, give it to someone you feel is in need. 

Although these may seem like small things to you, they are helpful and appreciated by many people in Cuba.  If you plan to visit Cuba, try to help out in whichever way you can!  

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Final Thoughts on Your Helpful List of Gifts for Cuban Locals

Bringing supplies & gifts for Cuban resort workers or locals is a great way to help out.

Leave room in your luggage while packing for your Cuban adventure and don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of this country while respecting the locals. 

Happy travelling!!

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