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What to Wear in Cuba: The Ultimate Clothing Guide

Going on holidays and trying to figure out what to wear in Cuba? I got you covered.

I have been to Cuba 12 times now, and have a pretty good understanding on the outfits, accessories and necessities needed for an amazing trip.

This guide will provide outfit examples for different points of your Cuba trip; beach day attire, day trip outfits, resort dinner wear and more!

Continue reading on to ensure you pack accordingly.

How to Dress in Cuba

What to Wear in Cuba for Beach Days

If you are staying at an all inclusive resort in Cuba, beach days will most likely be frequenting your itinerary.

Keep it real and uncomplicated with your beachwear choices. 

When it comes to swimwear, practicality rules! 

Your go to Cuba Beach Outfits will consist of: 

  • Swim Suit: Essential for swimming in those Caribbean blues.
  • Bathing Suit Cover-Up: Throw this on top of your bathing suit for a quick lunch break.
  • Footwear: Flip flops or sandals, keep it easy!
  • Beach Accessories: Sun hat, sunglasses and beach bag.
  • SPF: Face and body sunscreen are vital to protect yourself from the Caribbean rays!
Hanging on the beach with swim trunks and snorkel goggles
Arujan ready to go snorkelling
Hanging out in a pink one piece bathing suit at the Cuba resort spa
Spa day in Cuba

What to Wear for Resort Dinners

Before you start packing for an all inclusive resort, take a moment to gauge the vibe of the resort you’re about to visit. Some resorts in Cuba are more fancy than others with different requirements. 

The dress code for most all-inclusive resort dinners is sophisticated-casual wear. 

Rule of thumb, don’t look like you just came off the beach.

Comfort is key.  

Outfit Ideas: 

  • Sundress or Jumpsuit with Sandals: Effortless, easy to wear, laidback and comfortable, perfect for the hot days!
  • Button-Up Shirt, Dress Pants with Closed-Toe Shoes: For an elevated look and fancier dinner.
  • Casual / Fancy Top and a Skirt: Comfortable and stylish!
  • Collared Shirt with Linen Pants: Classic, casual and sophisticated.


  • Statement / Costume Jewelry: Add some personal touch to your outfits!
  • Clutch or Small Handbag: Keep it small, holds your room key and phone during dinner.
Dinner at the all inclusive resort
Delicious seafood dinner

What NOT to Wear for a Resort Dinner

  • Bathing Suits: Keep this for the beach!
  • Cover-Ups: No point.
  • Flip Flops: Opt for nicer footwear for dinner.
  • Pajamas: Save the coziness for bedtime.

Tip: Some resorts take a firm stance against shorts for dinner, others are more laid back.

Check the guidelines of your resort to see if you can wear shorts to dinner. 

What to Wear in Cuba at Night

Whether you are going out locally or enjoying a fun night of dancing at the resort, this section on what to wear in Cuba at night will help you prepare!

Outfit Ideas:

  • Dress: Wear your best resort dress for a night out!
  • Flats, Nice Sandals or Heels: Elevate that look with some fun shoes.
  • Button-Down Shirts and Dress Pants: Polished look for a night out of dancing.
  • Accessories: Bold jewelry and a cute purse.

Tip: Night time attire is often the same as what you wear for dinner. Wear the same thing for your Cuban evenings.

What to Wear for Cuba Day Trips

Day trips outside of the Cuba resort call for comfort and practicality. 

Here is your guide for how to dress in Cuba for a day-trip! 

Outfit examples: 

  • Shorts with Linen Top and Sneakers: Laid-back combo for comfort and practicality!
  • Linen Pants with T-shirt and Walking Sandals: Put-together look.


  • Day Pack: Carry your essentials with ease.
  • Hat and Sunglasses: Protect yourself from the Cuban rays.
  • Sun Umbrella: Can double as a rain umbrella during the wet season!
  • SPF: Essential safety.

Important Tip: 

If the day trip includes a beach stop, be prepared with proper swimming attire. 

Some day trips ask you to bring a towel.

Get a fresh towel from the resort the night before and have it ready to go in the morning! 

Navigating day-trips outside the resort is all about comfort.

Downtown Holguin, What to wear in cuba for a day trip: wearing shorts, a top and flowy button up
I love wearing an oversized, light weight button-up in the heat! Looks cute and covers my shoulders, running shoes for comfort.

I wore the above outfit on a day trip to Holguin City!

What to Wear for Cultural and City Exploration in Cuba

Clothing options for cultural and city tours are similar to day trips outside the resort.

If you are visiting cultural monuments, places of government or places of worship, opt for more modest clothing, for example; covering up your shoulders and wearing longer shorts and skirts.

Tip: Bring a lightweight scarf to drape around your shoulders in a pinch!

What to Wear During Rainy Season in Cuba

Wet season in Cuba is from May to November. During this time, the weather can be hot, humid and rainy. 

While the rain may not be constant, preparation for those days is important!

This list on what to wear in Cuba for the wet season will help you pack the essentials.

Cuba Rainy Day Clothing Essentials: 

  • Lightweight Waterproof Jacket: Breathable jacket to keep you dry.
  • Quick-Dry Clothing: Nylon or polyester, workout clothing
  • Waterproof or Water-Resistant Shoes: Keep your feet dry, wet socks is one of the grossest feelings…
  • Sandals: To avoid wet socks.
  • Water Resistant Hat: Protect your head from getting soaked.

Accessories for Rainy Days:

  • Umbrella: Can be used rain or shine! 
  • Waterproof Backpack or Rain Cover: Protect your important belongings.
  • Waterproof Phone Case: I use these while swimming, so it will definitely work in the rain.

The rainy season does not mean your trip is ruined, just be prepared and bring the necessary essentials. 

Extra Clothing

If you have the space in your luggage, I recommend bringing some extra clothing, (clothing you are planning to donate), for the Cuban people.

Having access to new clothing can be difficult for the locals and it is a wonderful gesture to provide gifts for Cuban locals when visiting their beautiful country.

Clothing, toiletries, accessories, (anything you can think of); these items can go a long way.

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Final Thoughts on your Cuba Clothing Guide

Cuba is full of beach days, cultural city explorations and nightlife. Each part of your trip will have you reaching for a different outfit.

I hope this guide on how to dress in Cuba helps you create the perfect outfits, ensures you not forget the necessities and builds upon your packing essentials.

Happy Cuba travel planning!!

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