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Mont Tremblant Autumn Itinerary: The BEST Fall Activities

Visiting Mont Tremblant anytime of the year is incredible, however, Mont Tremblant in fall is out of this world.

I went to Mont Tremblant for my best friend’s bachelorette last fall and sprained my ankle so bad, (I am only now pain free, 8 months later).

EVEN WITH the intense sprain, our trip to Mont Tremblant was so amazing and I can’t wait to go back.

This Mont Tremblant autumn itinerary is jam packed with activity and relaxation.

I will have you admiring the fall colours from the Lake, from the mountains and even from the trees… huh? Keep reading I will explain.

Pack your bags this fall and get ready to visit this Quebec gem!

Some links in this Mont Tremblant Itinerary are affiliate. If clicked, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Mont Tremblant autumn colours, Lac Tremblant in the background, Pedestrian village below
Mont Tremblant Village and Lac Tremblant from above

Mont Tremblant Itinerary Snapshot & Map

Day 1:

  • Arrive in Mont Tremblant 🛬
  • Mont Tremblant Pedestrian Village ⛰️

Day 2:

  • Zip-line Adventure 🌳
  • Scandinave Spa 🧖‍♀️

Day 3:

  • Hiking & Yoga Excursion 🥾🧘🏼‍♀️
  • Boat Cruise on Lac Tremblant ⛴️
  • Casino 🎰

Extra Things to do in Mont Tremblant in fall:

  • Panoramic Gondola 🚠
  • Boat rentals & water activities on Lac Tremblant 🚣🏻‍♀️
  • Bike rental 🚴🏼‍♂️
  • Helicopter Tour 🚁
  • Tonga Lumina: Night Walk 🌚

Is Mont Tremblant Worth Visiting in Autumn?

Mont Tremblant is a must-visit destination, not only in Quebec but also throughout Canada. 

Having made the trip to Mont Tremblant from Toronto myself, I can confidently say that the drive is truly worth it.

During the fall months, Mont Tremblant turns into one of the most breathtaking destinations for seeing the fiery fall foliage in the mountains. I personally think it beats Ontario for best fall colours.

There is just something special about visiting Mont Tremblant in fall.

With the summer crowds dying down, the weather crisp and refreshing and the mountains full of oranges and reds, you are in for a true fall getaway. 

On top of it being a great time of year to visit, the fall activities in Mont Tremblant are just as enjoyable, if not more so, without the heat of summer.

Whether it’s hiking in the mountains, zip-lining through the trees or enjoying Lac Tremblant, your Mont Tremblant autumn getaway will be an unforgettable experience.

Is Mont Tremblant in Fall a good time to visit? Weather in Fall

Fall in Mont Tremblant is an amazing time to visit. The fall colours are definitely the highlight, however, all of the activities are just as amazing to do in the fall months. 

The autumn weather in Mont Tremblant typically spans from a low of 1°C (33°F) to 20°C (68°F) high in September and October.

Rainfall becomes less frequent in the fall compared to the summer months, with an average of  5-7 days of rain per fall month.

While snow may occasionally make an appearance in late October, it is more common to start in November. 

If you are looking for the BEST of Mont Tremblant in the fall, September and October are the ideal months to visit, for nice temperatures and stunning views.

Mont Tremblant autumn colours from mountain peak, lake in the distance.
Autumn colours!!

How to Get to Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant is easily accessible from major cities like Montreal and Toronto, Ontario.

If you are traveling from outside the country, your journey will likely begin by flying into Montreal, Quebec.

If you need to book a flight, set price alerts on Skyscanner for deals & discounts!

Getting to Mont Tremblant from Montreal

If you begin your trip in Montreal, the most convenient way to reach Mont Tremblant is by driving.

Start by flying into YUL, Montreal’s international airport, which offers numerous daily flights from around the world.

Once you arrive, you can rent a car at the airport and embark on the scenic drive to Mont Tremblant. I recommend renting your car BEFORE your trip to ensure there is one for you.

Check out Discover Cars for discounts!

The drive typically takes just under 1.5 hours, offering a straightforward route with beautiful views.

Alternatively, if you prefer not to drive, you can opt for a bus service from Montreal to Mont Tremblant. While the bus journey takes longer, around 3 hours (with stops), it is still super convenient for those wishing to visit Mont Tremblant.

Bus tickets cost approximately $40 CAD one way.

Check out Busbud for tickets.

Getting to Mont Tremblant from Toronto

If you are traveling from Toronto to Mont Tremblant, driving is your best bet. 

If you live in Toronto like me, the 6 hour car drive to Mont Tremblant does not phase us… we are used to driving long hours to just get anywhere outside the city. 😂

If you are visiting Toronto as a trip, renting a car is recommended for your ride to Mont Tremblant.

Although 6 hours is a long drive, there are several places to stop along the way that would be great for a 1 night stay. 

I used to live in Kingston, Ontario for school and definitely recommend a stop here, Queen’s University along Lake Ontario is stunning.

You could also opt to do an overnight stay in Ottawa, Canada’s capital! 

Sample Toronto to Mont Tremblant Road Trip Itinerary

  1. 2 Days in Toronto
  2. Toronto -> Kingston: 3 hour drive, stop for lunch & walk around
  3. Kingston -> Ottawa: 2 hour drive
  4. Ottawa: Stay for 1 night & explore
  5. Ottawa -> Mont Tremblant: 2 hour drive

To reach Mont Tremblant from Toronto, start by driving eastbound on Highway 401 for approximately 4 hours until you reach Highway ON-416 North.

Continue here for about 1 hour, passing through Ottawa and Gatineau, Quebec. 

From there, follow Autoroute 50, and finally take Highway 323 North to Mont Tremblant.

… or just use Google Maps 😂

Where to Stay in Mont Tremblant

When I went to Mont Tremblant last fall it was for a bachelorette and we stayed in the most gorgeous chalet vacation rental. Mont Tremblant just screams gorgeous chalet with your girl friends.

Our chalet in Mont Tremblant

I highly recommend a chalet bachelorette in Mont Tremblant. 

We stayed close to the Scandinave Spa and had the best time.

I recommend checking out Mont Tremblant vacation rentals before looking into hotels.

I would stay outside the village and drive in. 

If you want to stay in a hotel, check out the below options!

Fairmont Tremblant (Luxury)

Stay at the epitome of luxury at the Fairmont Tremblant.

Located at the base of the mountain and next to all major tourist attractions and activities in Mont Tremblant.

The hotel offers 2 swimming pools, 6 restaurants, a spa, and so much more. They offer ski-to-door access and offer different boat, bike and ski rentals.

Parking costs $45 CAD per day.

Check out booking and prices for Fairmont Tremblant here.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Tremblant, an IHG Hotel (Mid-Range)

Located in the heart of Mont Tremblant pedestrian village is the Holiday Inn.

The hotel has a sauna, outdoor pool, outdoor hot tub and many events hosted on site. Located conveniently in the centre of town next to restaurants, bars, cafes, golf courses and more.

Stay at Holiday Inn Express Suites for a more affordable option.

Click here for booking & prices.

There are not many budget hotels in Mont-Tremblant, you will have to stay further out.

Click here to look through Mont Tremblant hotels for all budgets!

How Many Days Do You Need in Mont Tremblant?

In my experience, I recommend spending 3 to 4 days in Mont Tremblant.

If visiting from outside of Quebec, the journey to get there can be a bit of a hassle, so it’s best to stay as long as you can to get the most out of this great town.

Staying for at least 3 days allows you to fully immerse yourself in everything the area has to offer.

There is so much to see and do that you will be very busy on your 3 to 4 days in Mont Tremblant. You can even extend this out into 5 or 6 days. 

Colourful hiking, delicious restaurants, adrenaline pumping activities, water sports, spas, casinos; you will not be bored, trust me!

3 Days in Mont Tremblant Autumn Itinerary

Prices listed below are in CAD, unless otherwise specified. Updated in 2024.

Day 1: Travel Day & Mont Tremblant Pedestrian Village

Morning: Travel

Finish packing your bags and hit the road for Mont Tremblant!

Depending on your starting location, adjust your leave time to make it to Mont Tremblant for early afternoon.

Afternoon: Mont Tremblant Pedestrian Village

Once you’ve settled into your accommodation, it’s time to head out and explore Mont Tremblant’s pedestrian village.

Like many ski villages, vehicle traffic is restricted, allowing you to wander at your own pace without being worried about cars! These are my favourite types of towns to wander through.

Explore the variety of shops that line the streets, many of which are outdoor sports brands, Columbia, Helly Hansen, Salomon, and Explore!.

If you’re craving something sweet, indulge in a treat from the candy shop or get an ice cream at Chocolato

Mont Tremblant Pedestrian village
Mont Tremblant Pedestrian Village

After strolling through the village, it’s time for a delicious meal. For a cozy and traditional experience, consider eating at La Savoie, for a fondue dinner.

Alternatively, if you’re in the mood for a more laid-back experience, head to La Diable for a brewpub feel and hearty food.

Opt for a relaxing evening as your zip-lining adventure starts early tomorrow!

Day 2: Zip lining Adventure & Scandinave Spa

Morning: Zip line Adventure

Get ready for a morning of ADVENTURE. I have been zip-lining in Costa Rica and now in Mont Tremblant.

I loved both for different reasons but Mont Tremblant’s zipline is one of the most beautiful views I have seen during the fall. 

The colours you will see on this zipline are INSANE.

Their zip-lines are designed so that the guides do ALL of the hard work for you. You will not be stopping on your own.

You can also go UPSIDE DOWN. It is a wild time.

Zip Trek Ecotours ziplining in Mont Tremblant with fall foliage in the background
Just look at those colours!!

Ziptrek Ecotours is a fabulous company to entrust in. They are professional and SUCH a fun time.

Ziptrek Ecotours Facts
  • Ziplines: 5 zipline course with moderate hiking, the longest zipline in Quebec
  • Length: 3 hours 
  • Included: Panoramic Gondola ride to Mont Tremblant summit, GoPro use (can pay for photos at end)
  • Ages: 7 years +
  • Open: Mid May – Mid October, all weather permitted


  • Adult: $150 (with tax, comes to about $178)
  • Child (7-12 years): $120


  • Minimum: 75lbs (34.1kg)
  • Maximum: 275lbs (125kg)


If you just want to book zip-lining for a few people, book your activity here!

Keep reading below for large groups!

Map of Ziptrek Ecotours ziplining adventure in Mont Tremblant
Map of the 5 ziplines, note that there is a hike between zipline 4 & 5

Traveling with a larger group? Ziptrek Ecotours offers discounts!

  • School groups are half price
  • Corporate Groups are at $100 per person
  • Private large groups get a 15% discount

If you are booking for a large group, go directly through their website and send them an email!

Must wear closed-toe shoes, I recommend good running shoes to hike in.

Ziplining in Mont Tremblant in fall, with zip-lines and fall coloured trees in the background
Zip-lining in the fiery red and orange trees!

Story Time

I sprained my ankle sooo badly doing this activity that I had to be medically rescued (this was my own doing, I tripped while hiking)… however, I still HIGHLY recommend it.

The zip lines are TOTALLY safe. I was just a clumsy hiker. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Afternoon: Scandinave Spa

You need some relaxation after your adventure filled morning of zip-lining and hiking.

Pack a bathing suit and head to the amazing Scandinave Spa.

Scandinave Spa in Mont Tremblant
Scandinave Spa, Mont Tremblant

My husband and I love Scandinave Spa, we’ve been to the Blue Mountain spa a few times and I actually preferred the Mont Tremblant Scandinave Spa.

I always recommend booking a massage on top of your thermal waters package, however, if you don’t want to spend the extra money, the thermal baths are MORE than enough relaxation.

Book in advance on their website to ensure you and your travel bud(s) get in! 

Entry Prices (updated for June 2024 onwards)

  • Monday – Thursday: $110
  • Friday – Sunday: $125
  • Peak Times / Holidays: $150
  • Massages: extra $115-$150

TIP: One of the added bonuses of visiting Scandinave Spa on the same trip as the Ziptrek Ecotours is that you and your entire group can get a 20% off discount on spa entry or 10% off massage.

All you need is your confirmation receipt of zip-lining from the same season! 

You can use it anytime during your holiday, it does not have to be on the same day.

Visit their website for the Spa & Zip-line promo.

This offer is valid 7 days a week, it is NOT valid on Canadian Thanksgiving.

Evening: Night Out in the Village!

If you’ve regained some energy after relaxing at the spa, head out for an evening in the village. We were on a bachelorette and wanted to go out dancing so we chose Central Tapas & Nightclub. 

We had a ton of fun dancing the night away. If you are not in the dancing mood, opt for a nice dinner out instead!

Day 3: Hike & Yoga Excursion, Boat Cruise & Casino

Morning: Hiking & Yoga with Excursion Yoga

Another active morning in Mont Tremblant awaits!

Excursion Yoga is a hiking and yoga company that takes you to the summit of either Montagne Verte or Cap 360 for stunning views and a 1 hour yoga session.

The entire activity takes 3 hours:

  • 30-40 minutes of hiking uphill
  • 1 hour of flow yoga
  • 30-40 minutes hiking back down 

Just look at the views of us doing yoga with the fall colours around us.

Fall colours in Mont Tremblant on the hiking and yoga excursion, my best friend posing in her workout clothing
My bestie getting ready to do yoga!!

Excursion Yoga is hosted at 10:00 AM on Saturdays and Sundays until the end of September. 

You will be back down the mountain by 1:00 PM which gives you a ton of time to do another activity or to relax, up to your choosing.

The activity costs $75 CAD.

Book your excursion yoga here!

Grab a quick bite to eat in town or go back to your accommodation and make something for lunch! 

Afternoon: Lac Tremblant Boat Cruise

You worked hard this morning, let’s relax along Lac Tremblant with a 1 hour scenic boat cruise.

Learn about the history of the region, enjoy the Mont Tremblant fall colours and relax your legs after such an active few days. 

There is a cash bar on board so grab a drink or snack and enjoy!

The boat cruise costs $38 CAD, book your tickets here!

The cruise runs until early October making for a great fall activity. 

Evening: Casino de Mont Tremblant

If you are wanting another night out on the town, head to the Tremblant Casino for some slots, black jack, poker & so much more!

Alternatively, (very alternate, haha), have a bonfire at your accommodation and enjoy the last of the warm weather Quebec will see for the year!

Make sure to check if there is a fire ban before you start a fire.

Extra Things to do in Mont Tremblant in Fall

More than 3 days in Mont Tremblant? Do you want to swap out any of the above activities in the itinerary?

Then check out these options below for some more autumn fun!

Panoramic Gondola to the Summit of Tremblant

The panoramic gondola ride is included in the zip-lining adventure above, however, if you want the views without the flying, opt for just the gondola instead!

Take the gondola up to the summit of Tremblant with views of the Laurentians and Lac Tremblant below. Once you reach the top, you have access to the 360 Observation Tower and hiking trails.

Mont Tremblant Panoramic gondola with views of the pedestrian village and Lac Tremblant in the background, with fall coloured trees
Panoramic Gondola over Mont Tremblant

There are 11 hiking trails that range from 1 kilometer to 11 kilometers in length. 

Click here for a downloadable PDF map of all of the hiking trails by the gondola.

If you hike up and only want a return ticket, the cost is $10 per person.

The autumn gondola runs from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM on weekdays with slightly longer hours on weekends. 

Round trip tickets 

  • Adult (13 years+): $28 
  • Child (2-12 years): $19 
  • Infant (2 years and younger): FREE

Book your gondola tickets here!

Some of the popular hikes are:

Download the free app AllTrails to be able to download the map offline. I use this app for all of my hiking around the world and it is SO useful.

Water Activities on Lac Tremblant

This itinerary is very adventure and hiking focused, so if you are craving some water fun, head to the Centre Nautique Pierre Flouffe Beach and Tennis Club!

Along the shores of Lac Tremblant you can rent paddle boats, kayaks, canoes, stand up paddles (SUP), sail boats and more. 

Open daily until mid October.

Early fall hours are from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM on weekdays and until 7:00 PM on weekends.

At the end of September to mid October hours are from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM on weekdays and until 6:00 PM on weekends.

Prices for rentals depend on the type of boat and length of rental.

Rentals can be done for 1, 2 or 3 hours. 

Click here to check out their prices & rentals.

Bike Rental in Mont Tremblant

If you’ve had enough hiking and water sports, why don’t you opt for a bike rental instead? Cycle through the beautiful autumn colours of Mont Tremblant with a bike!

Rentals are open daily, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM, from mid May to mid October.

You can opt to rent for 4 hours or for the full day. Pricing is determined on the type of bike.

Bikes offered include:

  • 24 inch bikes
  • Hybrid 
  • Cross country mountain bike
  • Mountain bike with dual suspension
  • Electric mountain bike
  • Road bike
  • & more!

You can also rent a baby backpack or carrier to have your kiddies join you!

Check out pricing and rentals here.

Helicopter Tour Over Mont Tremblant

Feeling a little more lavish? Why don’t you take a scenic helicopter tour over Mont Tremblant? 

Fly over the mountain, the village, over forests and lakes with this EPIC tour.

The flight is 20 minutes and costs just over $200. This is one of the BEST ways to see the fall colours from above. 

The helicopter ride is wheelchair accessible and can accept a maximum of 3 people and 600lbs of maximum weight.

Click here to book your helicopter tour!

Tonga Lumina: Night Walk in Search of the Giant

An exciting night time activity for the whole family is the night walk, Tonga Lumina, in search of the Giant of Mont Tremblant!

Follow a light trail through the forest after sunset. This immersive experience is 1.5 kilometers along a stone pathway and lasts about 1 hour.

The walk starts with a lift ride up to the trailhead and then a walk down to the village.

On weekends, the trail end will have food service including hot and cold beverages and snacks!

Ticket Prices: 

  • Adult: $29
  • Youth (3-12 years): $19
  • Infant (2 and under): FREE

Wear closed toe shoes, long pants and shirts and don’t forget that insect repellant! 

Pin the Mont Tremblant Itinerary & Autumn Activities for later!

Need help with personal travel planning?

I create custom itineraries and activity guides starting at $25.00 CAD per day!

Plan Before Land Personal Travel Planning Service

Final Thoughts on Your Time in Mont Tremblant in Fall

Visiting Mont Tremblant in fall is a place that should be on your travel list! The fall colours are out of this world. The views, the fresh air, the lake, there are SO many activities for every type of person.

Make sure to stop over in Ontario for some other adventure spots with this Tobermory Itinerary, or through a Tobermory tour.

For more relaxation in Ontario, check out Niagara-on-the-Lake wineries or Niagara Falls for a day!

Canada is such a magical place! Enjoy.

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