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What to Wear Parasailing: The Ultimate Guide

About to go on a parasailing adventure and need some guidance on what to wear parasailing? I got you covered.

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned adventurer, knowing what to wear for parasailing is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable experience!

I went parasailing while travelling in Costa Rica this past year and it was AMAZING. Truly a bucket list experience.

In this article, I will provide you with valuable insights on what to wear parasailing, what to AVOID, and other essential considerations

So, let’s get ready to gear up and take flight!!

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What is parasailing?

How do we know what to wear when parasailing if we don’t know what it is?

Parasailing is a water activity where participants are harnessed to a parachute-like canopy and lifted into the air by a motorized boat.

Parasailing at Playa Espadilla Norte, Manuel Antonio
Parasail being pulled by a boat with Aguas Azules, Manuel Antonio

As you soar through the skies, you will experience the thrill of flying and witness BREATHTAKING panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and water below.

Parasailing in Costa Rica has become one of the best core memories of my life (along with Monteverde, Costa Rica zip-lining).

The peace and stillness you feel while flying is unmatched. Everyone should experience this once in their life!

Now that you know what parasailing is, let’s answer the question: what do you wear parasailing?

What should be provided to you by the parasailing company?

There are a few things to wear while parasailing that should be provided to you by the parasailing company. 

posing in our parasailing gear
Parasailing safety equipment: harnesses, life jackets

Safety equipment:

  • Appropriate fitting life jacket 
  • Secure harness / seat 
  • The parasail

The boat, trained staff and captain are just as important in your safety, as what you wear. Make sure you feel safe & secure before parasailing.

Read reviews of the company and ensure there are no safety concerns. 

We parasailed with Aguas Azules in Manuel Antonio, and had the BEST experience. They are safe, professional and SO much fun, with perfect ratings on TripAdvisor!

Check them out if you are in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica!

What to wear parasailing

When it comes to choosing your parasailing clothes, comfort and safety should be your top priority.

What to wear parasailing
What we wore parasailing under our safety equipment: bathing suits and T-shirts (for the boys).

Here are some key considerations:

Should you wear a bathing suit while parasailing?

Yes! You should wear a bathing suite while parasailing.

Wearing a bathing suit is a popular choice for parasailing due to its convenience and comfort.

I ONLY wore a bathing suit while parasailing and was very comfortable.

Opt for a well-fitted swimsuit that allows you to move freely. Remember, you are going to get wet during landing (maybe even for takeoff), so it’s important to choose a bathing suit that will stay secure and comfortable! 

What shoes should you wear while parasailing?

Most people will recommend wearing closed toe shoes, ie. water shoes. However, we did not wear any shoes for our 15 minute flight and were completely fine! I loved being barefoot. 

It is mostly personal preference for whether or not to wear shoes while parasailing.

If you do choose to wear shoes, avoid flip flops or sandals that can easily fall off while flying!

If you are planning to parasail for a long time, you may opt for shoes to protect your feet from the sun.

Additionally, if you are going to take-off and land in uncertain areas ie. rockier waters, wearing proper footwear is recommended!

Can you wear glasses while parasailing / sunglasses while parasailing?

Yes & no! We wore our sunglasses and had no concerns! Parasailing is not as high intensity as you may think.  

However, there are a few tips to ensure your glasses stay on your face! It is recommended to secure them with a strap.

Check out this readjustable strap, it comes in a 3 pack!

There can be strong winds during parasailing, and if you do not have a strap to hold your glasses in place, there is a risk of loss or damage. 

Be mindful of this if you want to wear your expensive sunglasses while parasailing! Maybe opt out for the quick ride. 

Can you wear a hat while parasailing?

The short answer to this question is no you should not wear a hat while parasailing. However, there are definitely exceptions to the rule.

The exception being hats like this one Arujan is wearing here (pictured below). If you are able to tie the hat around your chin, it should stay in place and is safe to wear while parasailing.

Posing before parasailing, wearing sunglasses and a secure hat
Secure hat to wear while parasailing

These sun hats are great for travelling, sports, and are UV protective.

Grab one of these hats here!

If you are going to wear a hat like the above pictured, great. If you only have a baseball cap, leave it at home.

The winds can be strong while in the sky, which can result in losing your hat or even interference with the safety equipment. 

Ultimately, the type of hat will determine whether or not you should wear it while parasailing. 

Sun protection while parasailing

I can preach sun protection all day long. I have had really bad sun burns in my life and my goal for the rest of time is to avoid them at all costs.

That being said, some activities (like parasailing) are just straight up under the sun.

Therefore, sun protection is of utmost importance!! 

Sunscreen is number 1!!!!! If you are able to wear sunglasses without risk of loss, make sure to wear these as well. 

Can you bring your phone while parasailing? What about a GoPro?

While you technically CAN bring your phone, you probably should NOT.

First and foremost, having your phone up there is such a distraction to the natural beauty you are about to behold. 

If you want to take pictures while parasailing and only have your phone, bring a phone case with a lanyard.

I always travel with this water proof phone case that has a neck strap. This is the ONLY way I would bring my phone up there.

If you want to film this experience, I recommend using a GoPro with a chest strap.

Therefore, you are not distracted and you can still film and capture stunning footage without potentially losing your phone! 

Go pro attached to chest for parasailing
GoPro with chest strap.

My brother is using a chest strap with his GoPro photographed above.

Click here for the GoPro chest strap!

What NOT to wear while parasailing

  • Avoid loose fitting clothing that can get tangled in the equipment and harness. 
  • Avoid excess jewelry or accessories 
  • Do not wear flip flops / loose sandals
  • Do not wear regular clothing

Can you wear regular clothes parasailing?

While it is POSSIBLE, it is definitely not recommended to wear regular clothes while parasailing. Reason being, most regular clothes are not designed to be comfortable while flying in the air above water.

There are also huge safety concerns with wearing regular clothes. You will be landing in the water, if wearing regular clothing, it may be hard to swim or stay afloat (even with a lifejacket). 

This makes it harder to move quickly or freely in the water, which is a no-no in the water safety world.

Parasailing in Manuel Antonio
Parasailing with Aguas Azules, Manuel Antonio

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What to Wear Parasailing Final Thoughts

Parasailing is an incredible adventure that offers a unique perspective from high above the water. When it comes to choosing what to wear parasailing, prioritize comfort, safety, and practicality! 

Remember to wear a well-fitted bathing suit, secure your glasses, opt for appropriate footwear and avoid clothing or accessories that can pose risks!

By following these guidelines, you will be well-prepared to enjoy an unforgettable parasailing experience while feeling confident and comfortable! 

So, gear up and get ready to soar into the skies for an adventure of a lifetime!

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