Yukon Travel Itinerary: The BEST 7 Days in Whitehorse

Getting ready to visit Yukon Territory, 1 of 3 stunning territories in northern Canada? This Yukon Travel Itinerary will ensure you make the most of your time in Whitehorse and the surrounding area.

One of my closest friends moved to Yukon for work, and I was fortunate to be able to visit her and spend an amazing couple of weeks in this Canadian territory.

I had an amazing tour guide while visiting the territory and have compiled all of the inside tips and tricks to travelling Yukon Territory!

This itinerary includes; Whitehorse, Kluane National Park and Reserve & Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Park.

Some links in this Yukon itinerary are affiliate. If clicked, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you!

Millennium Trail, Welcome to Whitehorse sign, a must do trail on any Yukon travel itinerary
Welcome to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

Whitehorse, Yukon Itinerary Snapshot

Day 1: Travel Day, downtown Whitehorse

Day 2: Hiking in Kluane National Park and Reserve

Day 3: Whitehorse

Day 4 & 5: Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Park

Day 6: Carcross

Day 7: Whitehorse

Table of Contents

Yukon Travel Itinerary Map

How many days to spend in Whitehorse, Yukon & Surrounding Area

Recommended length of stay: 1 – 1.5 weeks

Our stay: 1 week

Reason for longer recommendation: spending more time in Kluane National Park and Reserve.

Extend your time in Yukon Territory to visit Dawson City and Tombstone Territorial Park (It is a must!!)

Yukon Travel Itinerary: 7 Days in & Around Whitehorse

Day 1: Travel Day & Whitehorse

Arrive in Whitehorse and pick up your rental car. I definitely recommend renting a car in Yukon, I highlight that more in my Yukon travel guide.

Once you have checked into your hotel and settled down, head to downtown Whitehorse to explore the town.

Take a walk along Main St. and visit some shops and cafés.

I also recommend heading to the grocery store to pick up some snacks and lunch food for your upcoming hiking days.

If you are starting to get hungry, head over to Whiskey Jacks Pub & Grill, eat in or get take out and relax in your hotel.

Have an early night sleep and get ready to start exploring the wilderness tomorrow!

Day 2: Kluane National Park and Reserve

Morning: Breakfast & Drive to Kluane National Park

Get a quick bite to eat and a coffee from Baked Café & Bakery on Main St.

Order an extra baked good or pack some snacks for your hiking lunch.

Once you are caffeinated, hit the road for Kluane National Park and Reserve.

You will need bear spray for ALL hiking in Yukon Territory. We saw bears in Tombstone Territorial Park!

Drive Whitehorse → Kluane National Park

  • The drive from downtown Whitehorse to Kluane National Park is about 2 hours.
  • You will drive along the Alaska Highway for ~150 kilometres until reaching Haines Junction
  • Once in Haines Junction you will switch to Haines Rd. for approximately 26 kilometres until you reach Kluane National Park
  • Make sure you pin the Google Map for the unique trailhead you will be parking at!

Late Morning & Afternoon: Hiking in Kluane National Park

I have listed two day hike options below. One hike is easy (we did this one) and the other is more challenging!

Get your hiking boots ready and hit the trails.

I recommend downloading the FREE app, AllTrails. I use it whenever I hike to download hiking trails. (It’s great if you don’t have service while hiking as you can download hikes offline)!

1. Auriol Trail

Trailhead: Google Maps link

Difficulty level: Easy (can be hard if extending)

Length: 4.5 hours, 15km (you can extend the hike to an overnight hike +5km)

Auriol Trail, Kluane National Park
Auriol Trail, Kluane National Park

We loved this hike!

The Auriol Trail has minimal incline, is through the trees and the views of the mountains are beautiful.

We did not see a bear, however, we did see bear poop so, be safe and take bear spray ALWAYS!

2. King’s Throne

Wanting to start off with a hike higher in the sky? Opt for the King’s Throne Peak!

Trailhead & Parking: Google Maps link. You will drive down Haines Rd. until Kathleen Lake Rd, drive past the Kathleen Lake Campground and you will see the trailhead & parking before Kathleen Lake!

Difficulty level: Hard

Length: 8 hours, 15km

King’s Throne is known to be one of the best hikes in Kluane National Park. The hike will be challenging but the views will be well worth the work.

The hikes listed above are two of the most popular in Kluane. Click here for a list of the best hikes in Kluane National Park and Reserve.

Evening: Back to Whitehorse & Dinner

Get your tired legs in the car and drive back to Whitehorse, it is time to eat!

Visit the delicious Klondike Rib & Salmon for a hearty meal.

I had the halibut & chips (SO GOOD), and Arujan had the ribs.

I recommend reservations if you don’t want to wait. We made reservations, as there were 5 of us, it can get very busy.

They are only open in the summer season which adds to the popularity!

Day 3: Whitehorse

Morning: Breakfast & Yukon Wildlife Preserve

Start your day at Burnt Toast Café.

We had a delicious and filling breakfast to fuel us up for the day!

Burnt Toast Cafe, Whitehorse Yukon Territory
Breakfast at Burnt Toast Cafe

After your breakfast, drive over to Yukon Wildlife Preserve!

How to get to Yukon Wildlife Preserve

The drive to Yukon Wildlife Preserve is approximately 28 kilometres out of Whitehorse and takes about 25 minutes to get to.

Driving Instructions:

  • From Whitehorse drive along Alaska Highway North for 11.6 kilometres
  • Turn right onto North Klondike Highway, drive for 6 kilometres
  • Turn left onto Takhini Hot Springs Rd. for about 8 kilometres
  • Reach your destination on the right; Yukon Wildlife Preserve

Click here for the Yukon Wildlife Preserve on Google Maps. It is also linked on the map above.

Yukon Wildlife Preserve Hours & Entrance Fee

Prices are CAD updated in March 2024.

The park is open daily from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

There are two entrance types, a walking self-guided general admission and a bus tour option.

Self-Guided Walking General Admission

  • Adult: $18
  • Child (4-18 yrs): $11
  • Infant (0-3 yrs): FREE

Bus Tour Tickets & Schedule

The bus tour is 90 minutes and runs two times per day, once at 12:00 PM (noon) and the other at 3:00 PM.

  • Adult: $28
  • Child (4-18 yrs): $21

You can purchase your tickets on their website here or purchase at the entrance!

We did the self-guided walking tour and LOVED it. It was the perfect slow paced day for us after a long hike the day before.

Yukon Wildlife Preserve Experience

If you have bad luck (or good luck), and cannot see wildlife on the road or on hikes, this place is for you.

This beautiful wildlife rehabilitation centre has many animals that they take care of, we loved every minute that we spent at this preserve.

We walked the 5km loop, it is an easy walk and you can take many breaks to admire the wildlife.

A nice difference from a 15 km hike the day before, haha.

If you prefer, you can take the bus tour and relax your legs.

Yukon Wildlife Preserve
Yukon Wildlife Preserve

If you don’t have access to a car during your Yukon holiday, there is a half day tour that goes from Whitehorse to Yukon Wildlife Preserve and a stop at the Takhini Hot Springs.

Check out the Yukon tour booking and prices here!

Afternoon: Boat Cruise along the Yukon River

Spend your afternoon cruising through the Miles Canyon and along the Yukon River with Captain Ken’s Adventures.

My friend who lives in the Yukon recommended this boat tour with us and we are SO happy we did it.

Captain Ken is friendly and deeply knowledgeable on the history of Yukon Territory. It was a special experience and we cherish to this day!

The booking system is a little old school, log onto your Facebook and visit his business page (linked here)!

Send him an email or give him a quick call to book your boat tour!

On Captain Ken's Boat Tour in Whitehorse, Yukon
Captain Ken’s Adventure Boat Tour

Pick up Address: 401 Miles Canyon Rd, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 6L4 – Pick up at Schwatka Lake by the float planes!

Details on the boat tour:

The boat tour can only happen in the summer and early fall!

You will go through the Miles Canyon and then down the Yukon River for 3 hours.

Captain Ken provides history and information on Yukon Territory and the Yukon River.

He answered all of our questions with pleasure and it was a very enjoyable afternoon. We had planned to do a walk around the Miles Canyon but opted for this instead and our legs thanked us.

TIP: Bundle up – as warm as it may seem it will be very cold aboard. Captain Ken offers blankets and small snacks, drinks on board. You can also bring your own drinks and snacks if you prefer.

Evening: Grocery Shop & Dinner

Pick up some groceries for your hiking trip that you will go on tomorrow!

End the evening with a dinner out or take out. If you love Southern BBQ, you HAVE to try Smoke & Sow.

We still talk about that brisket years later.

Head home and pack your hiking equipment for your overnight hike you will be going on the following day!

We were able to use our friend’s equipment, however, if you don’t have friends to borrow from Yukon Wild offers equipment for rent here!

Some of our packed items include:

  • Hiking backpack
  • Cooking utensils, pots & pans
  • Mini propane tanks for cooking
  • Food
  • Bear safe food canister
  • Tents, sleeping bags, rain covers for tents

Get a good nights rest!

Good night.

Day 4: Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Park, British Columbia.

Fun fact, you are going hiking in British Columbia. Although this park is in British Columbia, it is easier to access and enjoy it from Yukon Territory.

For the next two days you will be doing an EPIC two day hike to Samuel Glacier.

Do not forget bear spray!! Carry it on you at all times.

Morning: Drive Whitehorse → Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Park

The total drive will take approximately 3.5 hours from Whitehorse.

  • Whitehorse to Haines Junction takes approximately 1.5 hours.
  • Once in Haines Junction, go south onto Highway 3 (Haines Rd). for 140 kilometres.
  • The Samuel Glacier trailhead will be 140 km down this highway on the right side, with an outhouse visible.

You can find the exact trailhead location on AllTrails linked here!

The outhouse before the Samuel Glacier hike
The outhouse at Samuel Glacier Trailhead

Full Day: Samuel Glacier Hike

Difficulty level: moderate

Total distance: 22 kilometres (you will do 11 kilometres on day 1)

Time: 4 – 5 hours

Elevation gain: 362 metres (not much, which I loved haha)

The Samuel Glacier hike is fabulous!

Take as many breaks as you need.

There is a river to cross about halfway through the hike, we took our shoes off and this was the best way to ensure our socks and shoes stayed dry.

Samuel Glacier hike, Atlin, British Columbia
River Crossing on Samuel Glacier Hike

This hike is beautiful. Clear skies are key to actually seeing the glacier at the end of the hike.

Once you see the glacier in the distance, don’t get too excited, you have about another 1-2 hours of walking until you get there… haha, but it is worth it and so beautiful.

We found the last hour to be wet and swampy, however, depending on the weather, you may have a dryer experience!

Ensure your shoes have some waterproof properties, that definitely helped me.

Samuel Glacier with my boo, Arujan
Samuel Glacier

Evening: Camp set up under Samuel Glacier

Before it gets dark out, set up your tent and equipment for the night.

Change into comfy clothes and get ready to hang out under the glacier for the evening. Hopefully you have clear skies to watch the stars.

Cooking dinner with my friends at our camp for the evening by Samuel Glacier
Dinner under Samuel Glacier

Make some dinner, grab your mini propane tanks and start heating up your dinner. Enjoy some warm food and most importantly, RELAX!!

If you have some energy go and explore around the glacier.

Note: Always keep your bear spray on you!

With my sweet friend in front of our tents by Samuel Glacier
Camping under Samuel Glacier

Night: Pack Your Bear Safe Canister & Sleep

Make sure you pack EVERYTHING that has an odour in your bear safe canister.

This includes items you normally would not consider ie:

  • Food & drink (not water)
  • Toothpaste
  • Chapstick
  • Deodorant & soap

Head to bed and make sure your bear spray is in your tent.

Good night!

Day 5: Samuel Glacier Hike 2/2

Morning: Breakfast & Hike

Get your supplies and food out of those bear safe canisters and enjoy breakfast.

Spend some time packing up your equipment to head out on your hike back.

The 11-12 kilometres on the way back will be harder than yesterday, because you will be SORE.

Evening: Drive from Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Park → Whitehorse

Enjoy resting your legs on the ride back.

Stop and pick up some takeout on the way home and get some well needed rest.

Eat your take out, enjoy a hot tub or jacuzzi (if your hotel has one), and have a relaxing evening.

Good night!

Day 6: Carcross

Morning: Drive Whitehorse → Emerald Lake

Wake up whenever you’d like, you earned it after your 2 day hike!

Grab some yummy coffee at Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters and drive off to Carcross.

The drive from Whitehorse to Carcross is 72 kilometres and takes less than an hour along the Klondike Highway South.

On your way to Carcross, make sure to stop at Emerald Lake. Emerald Lake is a gorgeous turquoise lake, the intensity of the colour comes from the melted glaciers.

You are able to take in the views from the top on the Klondike highway (which we did), or go down to the lake.

This is a great place to stop, stretch your legs and take tons of photos!

Emerald Lake, Yukon Territory
Emerald Lake

Continue on to Carcross Desert, about 5 more minutes south.

Carcross Desert, is also known as the smallest desert in the world.

Spend time exploring the desert, walk the 1.5 kilometres to Carcross Desert viewpoint and read about the formation of the desert (created from dried up glacial lakes).

Carcross Desert, Yukon Territory
Carcross Desert

Afternoon: Carcross, Bennett Lake, Bove Island Viewpoint

Drive another 5 minutes down the Klondike Highway until you reach Carcross.

Carcross is home to the Carcross/Tagish First Nations.

Learn about their deep history all over Carcross; seen in their art on the totem poles, in the information at the Haa Shagóon Hídi Learning Centre, and much more.

Grab a coffee and a snack at Carcross Commons (open May to September), then head out to explore.

Take a walk down to Bennett Lake and enjoy the views.

Fun fact: We did our engagement photos at Bennett Lake.

Engagement photos on Bennett Lake, Carcross, Yukon Territory
Bennett Lake

After spending some time admiring Bennett Lake, get back in your car and drive further south down the Klondike Highway.

Drive 10 km south of Carcross on the Klondike highway and be rewarded with a beautiful view of Bove Island.

Bove Island Viewpoint
Bove Island Viewpoint

I recommend stopping at Bove Island Viewpoint for stunning vistas. I have it marked on the map above.

You can enjoy us as the view from the photo above, but go check out the actual views in real life.

We took more of our engagement photos on the Klondike Highway, and look how cool these are.

engagement photo on the Klondike Highway, British Columbia
Klondike Highway Engagement Shoot

Continue on down this highway all the way to British Columbia, at the province border is a Welcome to Yukon Sign!

This is where we turned our car around, if you want to go further, you can take this road all the way to Alaska!

Yukon Sign on Klondike Highway
Yukon Sign on Klondike Highway

Evening: Back to Whitehorse & Dinner

Head back to Whitehorse and go to Dirty Northern Public House for some dinner and drinks!

Enjoy your evening.

Day 7: Whitehorse, Horseback Riding

Morning: Drive Whitehorse → Sky High Wilderness Ranch

For your last full day in Whitehorse, you will be heading to Fish Lake, Sky High Wilderness Ranch for some horseback riding.

Fun fact about my husband and I, we have only EVER done horseback riding on vacations (and I do not know why we love to do this, but it is so fun).

Driving Instructions to Sky High Wilderness Ranch
  1. Take the North Klondike Highway (YT-2 N) out of Whitehorse
  2. Turn left onto Fish Lake Rd.
  3. Drive 14.5 kilometres until you reach Sky High Wilderness Ranch (pinned on the map above)
  4. Google Map Link, Address of Sky High Wilderness Ranch: 2061 Fish Lake Road, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 4N2

The total route is approximately 22 kilometres and is a 30 minute drive.

Beautiful horses at Sky High Wilderness Ranch, Yukon Territory
Sky High Wilderness Ranch

You can opt for a 1, 2 or 3 hour horseback riding trail ride through the mountain.

It is wonderful.

You can send a contact form for reservations on their website here.

  • 1 Hour Trail Ride: $125 CAD
  • 2 Hour Trail Ride: $150 CAD
  • 3 Hour Trail Ride: $200 CAD
Horseback riding with Sky High Wilderness Ranch in Yukon
Horseback riding with Sky High Wilderness Ranch

Sky High Wilderness offers horseback riding, multi day hikes, husky rush tours and dog sledding.

Our Experience at Sky High Wilderness Ranch

We had an amazing time doing a 1 hour horseback ride. This was our second time going horseback riding, we felt like pros haha.

We were only one of two couples with a tour guide and were very well taken care of.

The ranch also had 2 week old husky puppies on site, (which will end up being trained to be sled dogs).

We got to play with the puppies for an hour, which was amazing and such a serotonin boost.

We also got to visit the dogs who are trained for dog sledding in the winter months. I recommend spending as much time at this beautiful ranch as you can. 

Afternoon: Millennium Trail & S.S. Klondike National Historic Site

Head back to downtown Whitehorse and walk the Millennium Trail!

This trail in downtown Whitehorse is an accessible path and great for a relaxing stroll or jog.

The Millennium Trail

  • Difficulty: Easy trail circling around the Yukon River
  • Length: 4.5 km
  • Very well developed, accessible trail
Millennium Trail, Whitehorse, Yukon
Views from the Millennium Trail in Downtown Whitehorse

After your walk, spend some time at the S.S. Klondike National Historic Site.

The S.S. Klondike is located right downtown, Google map link here! You definitely won’t miss it, it is a large ship sitting on the Yukon River, turned into a historic site.

It acted as a cargo and passenger ship that would travel from Whitehorse to Dawson City in the early 1900’s and has since turned into a museum.

In the summer the S.S. Klondike hosts an Escape Room!! So cool.

Go check it out for some Canadian history!

Pack up and end your time in Yukon Territory.

If you have not had enough, extend your trip for a MUST visit trip to Dawson City and Tombstone Territorial Park.

More time in Yukon Territory? Visit Dawson City!

Dawson City is a MUST visit while in Yukon Territory.

I created the above itinerary to reflect JUST the minimum amount of time I recommend you spend in Whitehorse and surrounding area.

Therefore, in a perfect world, with as much vacation as possible, try to aim for 2 weeks to fit in this Whitehorse itinerary and a trip to Dawson City.

Check out this Dawson City & Tombstone Territorial Park itinerary!

You can look forward to more gorgeous hiking, wildlife, can can shows, Diamond Tooth Gerties, gold rush history & so much more!

Pin the Yukon Travel Itinerary for later!

Need help with personal travel planning?

I create custom itineraries and activity guides starting at $25.00 CAD per day!

Plan Before Land Personal Travel Planning Service

Final Comments on your Yukon Itinerary

I hope this Whitehorse, Yukon itinerary helps you in planning your trip to Yukon Territory.

Your time in Yukon will be full of hiking, camping, wildlife, Canadian history, outdoor adventure and everything in between.

Canada is full of beauty and adventure, if you want a city feel, check out Toronto or Niagara Falls.

If you are craving some more Canadian hiking, check out Banff and Jasper National Park.

You will never be bored in Canada. Get on that plane and visit one of the coolest places on earth, Yukon Territory!

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