The Best Restaurants in La Fortuna, Costa Rica: 23+ Choices

The blog post you are about to read will make you VERY hungry. I have compiled this list of restaurants, food stands & more for this guide of the best restaurants in La Fortuna Costa Rica!

I love food; I love food from different cultures, food that is cheap, expensive food, fattening food, healthy food, french fries, veggies, I love it ALL.

Whenever I go on a trip, I spend DAYS researching the most popular restaurants, food trucks, street food vendors, reading other travel and food blogs to see what’s popular and choosing what I think that myself and Arujan will enjoy the most.

Thank GOD for choosing a husband who is not a picky eater… it would not work out.

We spent a lot of our time in La Fortuna eating and going to Arenal hot springs. This part of our trip was adventure heavy, which left us very hungry.

My guide below, is my take on the best restaurants in La Fortuna, Costa Rica, are the places we enjoyed the most, in no particular order.

Bon Appetit.. or I should say ¡Buen provecho!

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Map of the Best Restaurants in La Fortuna Costa Rica

Best Restaurants in La Fortuna

Breakfast Restaurants in La Fortuna

Red Frog Coffee Roasters

Price range: $

Cuisine: Costa Rican coffee & food

Fun fact: Red Frog is also a hostel!

Iced coffee at one of the best restaurants in La Fortuna, Red Frog Coffee Roasters
Breakfast at red frog coffee roasters, Costa Rica
Red Frog Coffee Roasters

Arujan loves his tico tacos! Red Frog Coffee Roasters roasts Costa Rican beans fresh every day, this coffee is phenomenal. I am an iced coffee lover and this was one of the best I have ever had, not even lying.

I ordered fresh fruit and the breakfast quesadillas. The fruit is out of this world in Costa Rica, so juicy and fresh.

This restaurant/café is located on Route 142 just west of La Fortuna town.

This is the road that takes you to many of the attractions in Arenal.

Take this road to get to the hot springs (Baldi, Springs Resort, Tabacon Thermal Resort, etc.), Arenal Volcano National Park and Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges.

Therefore, it is one of the best restaurants in La Fortuna, to stop for some coffee and breakfast before a long hike or relaxing at the springs.

This was my favourite breakfast in my entire 3 week Costa Rica travels.

Gecko’s at the Waterfall

Price range: $$

Cuisine: Costa Rican

Gecko's Waterfall Grill, La Fortuna
Breakfast at Gecko’s Waterfall Grill

Okay, listen up, this may be a tourist trap or whatever you want to call it.. (it is on the way to and from La Fortuna waterfall).

Do not write this place off completely, we went to La Fortuna waterfall early in the morning (earlier the better), and the swimming made us ready for breakfast afterwards so decided to stop at this grill on the hill.

The picture does not do it justice either but my breakfast wrap was stellar and filling!! Arujan enjoyed his breakfast sandwich as well.

Keep in mind, it is a little pricier than places you will find in town because it is very close to La Fortuna waterfall and they know they can make some $$, however, if you are hungry it is a great little place to check out on your way back from La Fortuna waterfall.

Other Popular Breakfast Restaurants in La Fortuna

Organico Fortuna: $$-$$$, vegetarian & vegan cuisine, great for breakfast but also serves for lunch and dinner.

The Open Kitchen La Fortuna: $$-$$$, serves a healthy all day breakfast, also open for lunch & dinner. Very highly rated.

Lunch & Dinner Restaurants La Fortuna

Soda la Hormiga

Price range: $

Cuisine: Authentic Costa Rican

Typical Costa Rican Cuisine at Soda La Hormiga, La Fortuna
Soda La Hormiga, traditional Costa Rican cuisine

Soda La Hormiga was some of the best food in La Fortuna, it is literally out of this world.

Prices: CHEAP.


I ordered the casado (bottom), which is a Costa Rican dish made with beans, rice, plantains, lettuce and meat (beef, for mine).

Arujan ordered a Costa Rican taco, which he fell in love with and proceeded to order at every restaurant he could. I would eat at this Soda every day if I could. Do not miss out.

Soda’s are all over Costa Rica, they serve typical Costa Rican cuisine and are usually named after their owner. Soda La Hormiga was always busy – a true testament to their successful restaurant.

Eat at a soda while in Costa Rica for affordable prices, and delicious Costa Rican cuisine you can’t find at home!

Some other popular Sodas in La Fortuna include:

Restaurante La Parada

Price range: $

Cuisine: Costa Rican

Costa Rican cuisine at Restaurante La Parada, La Fortuna
Dinner at Restaurante La Parada

I cannot say one bad thing about this restaurant either.. also OUTSTANDING. It was very busy (usually a good sign), and was on my list of La Fortuna restaurants to try and we were not disappointed.

The patio looks out onto the main square of La Fortuna and we were lucky to sit right at the edge of the patio, which allowed for some people watching (another of my travel hobbies).

The menu is large and has enough for the whole family, I am sure it can even satisfy the pickiest of eaters, as it is also a pizzeria.

Arujan ordered his classic taco and fries. I had their steak, which I can only describe as *chef’s kiss*. I promise there is an abundance of options for amazing prices. You will not be sorry you stumbled upon this restaurant for a meal!

Other steak dinner restaurants that are highly rated are:

Restaurante Café Mediterráneo

Price range: $$-$$$

Cuisine: Italian

Sangria at Cafe Mediterraneo in Costa Rica
Pizza in La Fortuna

This Italian restaurant in Arenal, Costa Rica is just a few minutes south of the town of La Fortuna on Route 702. It is family friendly and has a play area for young children.

It was packed whenever we drove by, however, the night we chose to dine here was empty, which was lovely.

Their pizzas and pastas are homemade and they have something for everyone. If you are wanting a strong drink, I suggest the sangria, if you order this, I think you will be surprised, it was amazing.

The price point was on the higher end for food in Costa Rica, with a large pizza costing around $9000-11000 colones (around $20.00 CAD), but still quite affordable!

The large pizza was big enough to feed two hungry adults.

Want some other Italian restaurant options, these are all very highly rated:

  • Anch’io $$-$$$, great reviews of their pizzas & pastas
  • La Cava Pizza a La Lena $$-$$$, people say this is one of the best places to eat in La Fortuna (I wish we went here), and great reviews of the garlic bread!

International & Fine Dining in La Fortuna

There are many International cuisine restaurants and some fine dining options in La Fortuna that are very popular and highly rated. Below is a list!

  • Don Rufino: $$-$$$, up-scale, fine dining experience, International contemporary cuisine. One of the most popular restaurants in La Fortuna.
  • Inspira Restaurante: $$-$$$, fusion of contemporary, latin and Costa Rican cuisine, great vegetarian options.
  • Restaurante Tierra Mia: $$-$$$, International Fusion restaurant; Latin, Central American cuisine, near perfect rating.

Food & Drink Stands

Frutas Y Verduras Hnos Lazo

Price range: $

Cuisine: Fruit Market with Smoothie stand (Batidos)

Hnos Lazo menu in La Fortuna, Costa Rica
Menu at Hnos Lazo
Fruit smoothies at Frutas Y Verduras Hnos Lazo in La Fortuna Costa Rica
Delicious fruit smoothies

The restaurants are not the ONLY place to get delicious food & drink. I love to stop by the food stands or food trucks to try out what they are serving.

One of the most delicious meals I had was from a food truck in Guanacaste, Costa Rica!

We went to Frutas Y Verduras Hnos Lazo MANY times during our time in La Fortuna. The smoothies are so refreshing and cheap!!!

You can also purchase fresh fruits here to enjoy. I recommend the pineapple in Costa Rica it is so juicy and I do not know what I am eating in Toronto but it is not IT.

You can order your smoothie with water, milk, orange juice, or ice cream. Prices are not much different per base.

I chose the orange juice base when I had a mango smoothie and milk when I had strawberry-banana, both delicious!!

There are many places to purchase batidos (smoothies) in Costa Rica, this place was the most popular from all of my research and I can see why. I will be back 100%.

Coconut Stands

Price range: 1/2 $ (very cheap)

Coconuts taken in front of Arenal Volcano

You will see coconut street vendors all over Costa Rica. There are many stands that along Route 142 from La Fortuna to Arenal Volcano National Park and Monteverde, Costa Rica.

Just pull over and say hello! They are the most friendly people and the coconut is so refreshing.

The coconuts cost around 500 colones (around $1 CAD). I am not a huge fan of coconut water, but hey it quenches the thirst and is aesthetically pleasing with the backdrop, haha.

I also love a good beach coconut, I had multiple during our 3 days in Manuel Antonio.

Costa Rican Copo

Look out for stands serving Costa Rican Copos. It is like a snow cone with condensed milk and any flavour you desire!

I did not have one in La Fortuna, but made sure to pick one up while visiting Uvita, Costa Rica.

This is what they look like…

Costa Rican Copo in Uvita
Costa Rican Copo, waiting in line for Uvita Whales Tail!

La Fortuna Food Tour

One of my favourite ways to get to know a new city or country is through food.

Food tours are run all over the world and why not enjoy the delicacies of Costa Rica through their chocolate and coffee.

Check out the Don Olivo Chocolate tour for some Costa Rican delicacies!

La Fortuna Cooking Class

Try something new while you are in Costa Rica with a cooking class. One of the best ways to get to know a country is through it’s unique cuisine.

Spend some time getting to know locals and learning from THEM on how to make some delicious Costa Rican food.

This cooking class package includes; pick up & drop off at your hotel, a cocktail and the dinner you prepare!

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Final Thoughts on the Best Restaurants in La Fortuna

There are so many places to eat in La Fortuna, this is just a small number of the best restaurants La Fortuna has to offer. I am sure many of the other places are just as good. 

The fruit is fresh, the coffee is amazing and Costa Rican cuisine is cheap and very filling. La Fortuna was easily one of my favourite parts of our Costa Rica travels.

Let me know some of your favourite places here, I can’t wait to try them next time I am in La Fortuna.

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